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Benefit For Member Of ITPI-IWES

Member of ITPI – IWES consists of Students, Welding Professionals and Companies or Institutions (corporate member).
Benefits of becoming ITPI – IWES member are:

  1. As corporate member, companies will be able to consult and get an advice for repair, fabrication/ manufacture and welding professionals from ITPI – IWES expert in welding and NDT easily.
  2. 5% discount of fees for courses held by ITPI – IWES.
  3. Special prices for all seminar held by ITPI -IWES.
  4. Member of ITPI – IWES will be enrolled in ITPI – IWES job fair, for those who need it, and suits to the qualification.
  5. ITPI – IWES with its domestic and international network will always proactively try to find working chances for all members.
  6. ITPI – IWES will always try to give guidance for its member on welding and NDT knowledge through periodic material and process technology newsletter.
  7. ITPI – IWES will not be hesitated to published, according to the contract, its member journals or scientific project valuable to Indonesia country and nations related to welding knowledge and technique in general. The intellectual rights of members whose journal or project has been published will be covered by the law of intellectual rights.
  8. ITPI – IWES will give reward to its members who have contributed to this associations progress, especially in the making of Indonesia welding standards.
  9. ITPI – IWES will try to complete its library or reference books about welding and other that is related for its member use, according to the procedures.
  10. ITPI – IWES functioned as a place for experts in welding and related field, always ready to help the society to solve problems in welding and NDT.
  11. Members of ITPI – IWES can follow activities related to: ITPI – IWES promotions, social activities,  sports, welding competitions, excursion study, R&D, development of human resources, that support the unity of ITPI – IWES associations under Pancasila without any discriminations on ethnic, religion and rasisme so that ITPI – IWES can help the government programme in succeeding the nation development in a precise, fast and compact.