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ITPI -IWES Profile



The targets of ITPI – IWES, generally are :


Ø      Practitioners in welding and NDT (Non-Destructive Test).


Ø      Educated worker to be trained and given the skill needed in indutry.


Ø      Industry that work in welding and NDT, directly or undirectly.


Ø      Unemployed productive people that can be trained to be welding and NDT professionals.



Working programme that has orientation in society and industry especially small and middle industry will have positive effect on :


A.     Society


Ø      Build confidence that we are equal to other nation because we have the same qualification and competency.


Ø      Reducing the rate of unemployment and increasing society wealth.


Ø      Open the chance to develop competency and possibilities to work in other country.


Ø      Help the government decreasing domestic unemployment rate.



B.     Industry


Ø      Sharing of knowledge and experiences, that will do lots of good in product development.


Ø      Creating human resources with competency in helping industry to face competitive business climate and company progress.


Ø      Reducing failure rate in industry that has been repeated periodically and also producing product with good quality.